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Pay no attention to that size tag.

Have you ever sat in a dressing room and felt completely defeated? Staring at that size small shirt wondering why you can’t even pull it over your head when you have a perfect-fitting size small shirt at home?

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s probably not your fault. Now I know we maybe all packed on a few ‘covid’ pounds over the last two years and that could be the culprit, but let’s talk a little bit about something I call the ‘size tag joke.’

Way, way back in the day clothing was made to fit the individual. But as the world evolved and the business of clothing people developed, an attempt was made to standardize women’s sizes. Now, look to left and look to your right. Do any of us look the same? Hell no. We are all different. Different heights, shapes, curves…different lady lumps! Trying to standardize women’s sizes seemed ridiculous but they did it anyway (probably a man).

But even with their “standardized” sizing, vendors today will use their own size chart which can vary tremendously from another vendor. I can literally hold up a size small shirt in one vendor and it will match the size large shirt of another. It’s a joke. Talk about frustrating!

So, my point is, don’t fret about the size on the tag of the clothes you are buying. Try it on and buy what makes you feel and look good – no matter what the size tag says.

Fun Fact:

In the late '50s, the government attempted to classify the woman's body yet again. By this scale, a star like Marilyn Monroe—with a 35-inch bust and 22-inch waist, might have worn clothing marked as a size 12 or larger at the time. But based off her bust size in modern times, she'd be about a size 6 or less now. 🤯

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